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Rita C

Chung Moo Doe was the start of a new life for me.

Rita C Tiger

Rita C Bagwa

Twelve years ago I was at the end of my rope. The arthritis that I had in my hands and feet for the past 22 years was getting worse causing me to become progressively weaker with the ever increasing pain. This condition had force me into giving up many of the pleasures in my life such as sewing, gardening, writing and a career in the nursing field which was personally rewarding. The loss of these activities resulted in a depressed stage in which I felt useless to myself and those close to me. I was a perfect example of someone who was getting old before their time, despite the fact I had not reached age fifty.

The doctor's remedies were only temporary. Drug doses were increased and finally the suggestion of surgery. I would probably never be able to completely close my hand. My decision was to live the condition as best I could. I had also endured several bouts of double pneumonia and serious motion sickness when travelling for more than forty five minutes.

Through my training in Chung Moo Doe I have been able to overcome these obstacles in my life.. I started in Chung Moo Doe because my son Frank during his training had seen many students overcome body problems and suggested that I try the program. Everyone at Chung Moo Doe was warm and friendly which put me at ease and comfortable with this new environment. The instructors patiently taught me the proper movements for building strength in the tendons, ligaments and joints. The more I practiced the better, stronger and more alert I became. Happily I can say that I am without pain that I once tolerated. I can remember after my first year of training being able to plant 100 tulip bulbs and how happy I was to be able to use my hands. Other areas in my life have also improved dramatically and my doctors said "don't stop whatever you are doing, it works."

Rita C Kome

As for my motion sickness, I now enjoy twelve hour drives and spend quite a bit of time on a boat in the summer fishing in Wisconsin- something that I would not have even dreamt of doing before. I feel much better now both mentally and physically at age 62, than I did in my late thirties. I am very grateful to be a Chung Moo Doe student.

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