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Kent R


My name is Kent R, I'm a 40 year old electrician, father of two, Carl age 12 Lyn age 10, and husband to my wife Leslie age 45. A couple of years ago I began to feel the wear and tear of construction work on my body. Old injuries, circulation problems and stress caused me to miss work all too frequently. I become moody and hard to get along with at home. Then, an auto accident left me injured, in pain and unable to work. I couldn't do much more than sit in a chair. I had been through physical therapy and though it helped some, I was still in pain and a long way from returning to work. I called the Chung Moo Doe School and spoke with the instructor. He asked about me, why I called and what I was looking for.

After a full explanation of my injuries, the instructor gave me a few special movements and started me with Tai Chi Chung and Qi Gong breathing. After a few days practice, the agonizing pain in my lower back was gone. After a month or so, I was able to return to work. My doctors and other care givers were surprised at the turn in my recovery and attributed it to Chung Moo Doe. I began to see other benefits of Chung Moo Doe and signed up for black belt training.

I soon started my children on black belt training, and my wife started Tai Chi Chung. As we all continued to practice, our family life began to improve. I had more patience and we all started to show more respect for each other. My wife complaints of low energy and work related pain faded and were replaced with a more youthful and energetic vigor. My children began to show more consideration for others and were able to concentrate on homework and household tasks. We all began to use what we learned in the practice room: patience, hope concentration, make an effort, and applying this knowledge to our daily lives. We enjoy practicing forms together. Chung Moo Doe has refocused our family.

At the present time, I am 6th section, soon to test for 1st Degree. My wife is about to test for 4th section on black belt training and my children are 4th section, soon to test for 5th section. Life at work has completely changed. My strength and circulation have improved so much I feel and moves like the 25 year old men on the job. I no longer feel stress at work or home, which has improved my communication skills greatly. Our family life continues to improve as we all continue to practice Chung Moo Doe. I hope to be accepted to instructor training after I reach 1st Degree. I want the opportunity to help Chung Moo Doe grow in my area as much as I can. I hope other people and families like ours will find the calmer, deeper meaning of life we have through Chung Moo Doe.


Kent N. R