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If limited to simple abstract meanings it can also mean "Mind-Body-Way." However, there are important abstract or derived meanings in the languages of East Asia. Someone familiar with the basic principles of the East Asian philosophy of Yin and Yang will readily recognize that "mind and body" also represents the balance of harmony of nature. <br><br> <font color="maroon"><i> "Chung Moo Doe, with its combination of eight complete martial arts, touches all muscles and joints. Strength is increased from the inside out rather than the outside in as with lifting weights. Weight-lifting contracts the muscles, Chung Moo Doe expands them and allows energy to flow freely through the body; it increases not only strength, flexibility, agility and stamina but also mental awareness, determination and self confidence. Stress is decreased as well as many physical disabilities and illnesses such as back pain." </i></font> <br> -Larry B. 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